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IP7WW-4KSU-C1 w/o C/Main/Expansion Chassis


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Leverdatum op 5 december 2023
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This is one common chassis used for the Controlling (Main) chassis or Expansion chassis, A maximum of three chassis (one controlling and two expansion chassis) can be connected by bus connection. And support four chassis (one controlling and three expansion chassis) by IP connection to expand the system capacity The following are included with the chassis: – Four universal slots – One CPU/EXIFE slot – Power Supply with Backup Battery Circuit – One connector for External Backup Battery – Back Plane Board (one connecter for CPU/EXIFE slot, four connecters for Option Board slots) – AC Cable: AC250V, 10A (IP7WW-4KSU) Not attached (local supply) (IP7WW-4KSU w/o C)