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Gigaset R700H PRO IM


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Leverdatum op 23 april 2024
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The new R700H PRO is the robust, shockproof, dustproof and waterproof handset
according to IP65 in the Gigaset Professional portfolio. Whether shocks from falling,
water jets or dust, the handset is designed to be protected against most external
impacts. In addition to these features the device is also equipped with a rubber
surface that is resistant to disinfectants. This gives it perfect grip in the hand and in
addition it comes in with an elegant design. The handset is equipped with many
business functions. The R700H PRO has a big 2.4” colour display and a headset
connection via Bluetooth® 4.2 or the integrated 3.5 mm jack. As an enduring
companion due to the outstanding battery life, the integrated LED for visual call
indication or use as a torch and the convenient vibrating alert, the handset allows
you to maintain your communication even in a noisy work environment e.g. in a
production facility outdoor area a service garage or a logistics environment. The
handset is optimised for use with all professional Gigaset DECT systems. In addition,
the R700H PRO can also be used on CAT-iq & GAP compatible base stations in third
party single and multi-cell environments

Feature highlights

  • Shockproof, dustproof and waterproof according to IP65
  • Non-slip rubberised surface
  • Programmable alarm-/function button
  • Large illuminated 2.4” TFT colour display
  • Headset operation via Bluetooth 4.2 or 3.5mm jack
  • Handsfree talking with brilliant HDSP™/CAT-IQ 2.01
    acoustic quality and high maximum volume
  • Spot LED as torch and for call signalling
  • Hotel option: call lists are automatically cleared
  • Audio profiles for quick selection in a meeting, in a loud
    environment or with individual settings
  • SUOTA: software update over the air
  • Disinfectant resistant and scratch proof surface
  • Local phone book with search function and up to 500 vCards
    and access to company phone book via PBX (XML, LDAP)3
  • Data exchange via Bluetooth® or Micro-USB
  • Vibrating alert
  • No ringing in the charging cradle can be set for parallel calls
  • Key lock with PIN protection – emergency call dialling despite
    PIN protection
  • Up to 13h talk time
  • Up to 320h standby time
  • Charging also via Micro-USB connection
  • Charging cradle included free of charge
  • Full compatibility with the professional Gigaset DECT single
    and multi-cell systems

User interface

  • Illuminated, graphical 2.4“-TFT QVGA colour display, 240 × 320
    Pixel, up to 8 lines and 65.000 colours
  • Intuitive, modern user interface with icons, display keys, five
    way navikey, function keys

Phonebook and dialling

  • Address book with up to 500 vCard entries vCard entries: first
    and last name, three numbers, email, date reminder, VIP
    melodies and picture caller ID
  • PBX-directory access with search (LDAP and XML)3
  • Public online directory search with auto lookup
  • 3 separate calls lists (missed/incoming/outgoing) with 20
    entries each with CLIP/CNIP and time/date
  • Redialling of last 20 numbers entered
  • Short dial keys (soft keys, 9 numeric keys)
  • Mute key, key lock and flash key
  • Automatic redial function

Flexible connection options with the R700H PRO

Receiving calls

  • Caller indication displayed via CLIP, picture CLIP and CNIP
  • Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries and internal callers
  • Anonymous call silencing
  • Vibrating alert

Missed calls

  • Signalled via display and illuminated message waiting indicator
  • List showing up to 20 missed calls with caller indication
  • Local missed call list behind 3rd party single and multicell
    systems with GAP
  • Direct dialling of the missed call list


  • HD Audio supporting HDSP™/CAT-IQ 2.01
  • Hands free talking with excellent audio quality
  • Side keys for easy volume adjustment
  • 32 selectable ringer melodies with 5 volume levels and crescendo
  • Selectable audio profiles (personal, silent and loud)
  • Headset via Bluetooth or 3,5-mm jack


  • Programmable alarm-/function button
  • Illuminated and scratch resistant
  • Message waiting key with blinking LED
  • Separate R-button
  • Profile key to apply personal, silent and loud settings directly
  • Side keys for easy volume adjustment
  • Keylock (#-key) with PIN protection
  • Mute-button


  • Data such as call lists can be deleted on a time-controlled basis
  • Blocking soft key programming
  • Voicemail function can be activated/deactivated
  • The Bluetooth menu is deactivated
  • A reduced calendar function – no entries possible
  • Reset codes for the:
  • Restoring the default menu language
  • Restoring the default screen saver
  • Restricted use of the Micro-USB port:
  • Data exchange
  • Gigaset QuickSync software cannot be used
  • The disaster recovery system can still be used
  • Charging via USB is still possible



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